Do you use pasteurized milk?

All the cheese that we produce is fresh or semi-aged so we do pasteurize the milk, which is required in the U.S.  for any cheese aged under 60 days.

What kind of rennet do you use?

We use a vegetarian rennet.

Can I eat your cheese if I have a gluten allergy?

Eat away. Our cheese is gluten free.

Do you sell goat milk?

We source all our milk from nearby farms and cannot sell it as we are licensed to use the milk only for cheese production.  Michigan law also does not allow for the direct sale of raw (unpasteurized) milk but you can obtain milk if you have a “milk share". Go to for some sources in your area.

Do you do tours?

Our creamery can accommodate small groups for tours but please call and set something up ahead of time.  Lubbers Family Farm does whole farm tours every Saturday from May through October and we are included on the tour with a stop to look into the creamery viewing window to see our cheesemakers working their craft.